Frequently Asked Questions

Coming up with a treatment plan is as simple as filling out our online form. What are your concerns, needs, desires, and aspirations for your personal health? What is standing in the way of you enjoying total well-being? Based on your answers, our skilled team can come up with a treatment plan for you.

Once you’ve approved a treatment plan, our medical professionals can perform injections, which take less than 10 minutes, or infusions, which take about 60 minutes to complete.

Clients who’ve taken injections and IV infusions credit them for improved energy, mood, and brain function, and say the improvements last for days. Regular sessions can amp up a person’s vitality for weeks on end.

If you believe somebody you know or love could use The Wellness Edge, we offer gift certificates redeemable for our services. It’s a great gift to give others the power of choosing their own path to good health!

Our staff are highly trained medical professionals, including registered nurses, emergency medical technicians and others. You are in good hands!

Frequency varies based on client preference and need. If you’re looking to allay a specific concern, there may be an immediate need to have a particular infusion and repeat the process until the situation resolves. If you’re interested in taking preventative steps to maintain good health and long-term wellness, you may choose to have infusions twice per month.

Absolutely! IV vitamin therapies are gaining in popularity across the United States and around the world, as individuals seek to take control of their health and pre-emptively boost the vitamins and nutrients in their bodies. This type of treatment is increasingly available at independent clinics, spas and home visits for added convenience.

Yes. Both protocols serve different goals, and often work together for total optimal health. Make sure to discuss your concerns and goals with our accredited professionals so you choose the treatments that are best for you at this moment.