One of the fundamental freedoms that comes with being an American is the freedom to make decisions over your life – and that includes your health. At The Wellness Edge, a premier holistic health center in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, people take charge of their health by making choices that invigorate energy levels and boost well-being.

The Wellness Edge empowers people to feel confident making decisions about their health. Services include IV vitamin infusions and injections, available on-site or through a concierge service that brings wellness to your home or office.

Choose-your-own health services outside of formal medical settings is gaining popularity around the world, with industry projections reaching a record $13.79 billion by 2024. The Wellness Edge is the first of its kind in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Led by a professional, knowledgeable team of registered nurses and health professionals, The Wellness Edge brings its clientele to the edge of good health – and beyond.

Building good health one choice at a time

Empowering Americans to make good health choices